Pet Sitting & Home Visits
We offer a reliable, caring and friendly service for your pet(s) in their own home. Your pet(s) can remain in their familiar surroundings, maintaining all routines, with loving companionship and a watchful eye. This service is very beneficial for owners who have pets with disabilities, blindness, deafness, etc, or just would not cope with being away from their home.
Many people consider their pets as part of the family, the thought of going away and putting their pets into boarding establishments causes feelings of stress, guilt and unhappiness and can sometimes stop you from going away at all.
Our carers will visit your home to feed, water and care for your pets when you are not there.  On our visits we will keep your pet(s) entertained with games and plenty of cuddles and companionship to make them feel loved and cared for. This helps break up an otherwise long and lonely day, maintain routines to which they are accustomed to which in turn helps reduce stress and anxiety.
You must provide sufficient amount of food/supplies for your pet(s) for the duration of your absence. Should shortages occur we will supply and any costs incurred to be reimbursed upon your return home.
During our visit(s) or stay, the carer can also undertake a range of light domestic duties to include opening/closing curtains, turn lights on/off, watering indoor/outdoor plants, picking up the post, taking out bins and telephone answering if required. Making your home looked lived in for extra security and peace of mind when you are not there.  Providing complete care for your pets and home.   
During periods of pet sitting we can arrange for your carer to catch up on your cleaning/spring cleaning, laundry and/or ironing whilst you are away, making your break even more enjoyable knowing that you don’t have to play catch up on your return. Charges will apply and can be agreed in advance prior to service commencement.