Pet Grooming

We groom in a home environment, be it yours or ours, on a one to one basis which we believe is less stressful than going to a busy salon. We are not dictated by time or a busy schedule and the pace is governed by the animal, their welfare being priority at all times. 

We can collect/return your dog/cat for their pampered grooming session in our fully equipped Pet Taxi (costs may apply).
Evening and weekend appointments are available, we try to be as flexible as you need.
We only use professional grooming products, selecting the best shampoo and conditioner (if required) for the dog or cat’s coat and condition.
The Importance of Grooming
All dogs and cats benefit from regular grooming, whether they are pedigrees or cross breeds.
Grooming helps to maintain the skin and coat in good condition, it also makes the animal feel better and look great.
A matted, dry or greasy coat is very uncomfortable and can make your pet feel depressed..
If your pets are groomed regularly they tend to shed less - meaning fewer hairs around your home.
For long haired pets there is the benefit of keeping the coat matt free and managing the style and length, making it more manageable for both owner and pet.

Record cards are completed and maintained, we ask about the animals’ temperament, any medical conditions or skin allergies before we commence grooming..

Puppy Introductions
Socialisation is a process by which a dog is exposed to the type of experiences and events that they are likely to encounter in order to prepare them for a happy and well adjusted life with a positive association to them. This is where early grooming comes in.

Getting your puppy used to routine care like brushing, bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning and being touched and handled by you and others can be of great benefit especially if you intend to have your dog regularly groomed. A good age to send your puppy for its first visit to a groomer is probably between 8-12 weeks, if only for a groom and tidy up and bath if required.

The importance of maintaining your dog and cat’s hygiene cannot be ignored. They feel better and look better when clean and tidy. Dogs and cats that are not well groomed will be more prone to infestations of fleas or ticks which can cause skin problems or allergies and can be transmitted to human family members.
The frequency of  visits to the groomers will depend on how regularly your dog or cat requires grooming. This will vary according to the breed and owner/pet maintenance between visits.

Nail Trimming & Maintenance
Nail trimming is important for the long term health of all dogs and cats. Overgrown nails can break easily, cause difficulty in walking, pain, soreness and can even contribute to the development of deformities. The longer the nail, the longer the quick, making nail maintenance very difficult.