Dog Walking
Services offered help to maintain a routine to which they are accustomed, reducing problems such as stress and anxiety which can lead to mental problems, destruction and a very unhappy dog.
Our dog walking service, regardless of the weather, is very popular, be it adhoc or daily. Offering a welcome break by the same carer each day, thus breaking up an otherwise long and lonely day
We offer short or long walks to suit the dogs' needs and abilities.
Your dog will be taken on varying routes to keeps walks interesting and exciting, where they will be stimulated and exercised. Rest assured your dog will be happy and content with the day's activities
Dog treats will be produced on the walk, (unless not allowed), at no extra cost. The treats will be used as rewards to encourage basic training and discipline.
Dog Handling & Care
The Carer is experienced with dog handling of all sizes before taking any dogs for walks. New dogs are initially walked separately and introduced to regulars over a steady period of time. This ensures all dogs become best of friends and join a well behaved, calm and submissive group. They will look forward to meeting up with their new friends and enjoy it even more.
We all know how much dogs love to play and it is much better with a friend or two which encourages play and activity. It is also a good social outing especially for the lone dog at home.
The carer will only take the number of dogs that they are confident handling at any one time up to a maximum of 6 dogs. If any dog needs to be walked separately, this can be discussed during the consultation and arranged accordingly.
We can walk your dog off the lead, with your permission, if it is well behaved and will recall. A good opportunity to encourage ball games and play. Again, this can be discussed during the consultation, at no point would any of our carers do anything that you had not agreed in advance. 
Back Home Safely
At the end of their walk, dog(s) are returned back into their home clean and dry – towels to be supplied by clients as wet and/or muddy dogs are not popular. Access to water or an outside tap is a bonus.
Before our carer leaves your dog, we ensure that fresh clean drinking water is available.