Equine Care

We own horses ourselves and with over 30 years experience, we are extremely capable and knowledgeable when it comes to caring for your equines. Petpassion have carers who are experienced horse people who will look after your horses/ponies as if they were their own, providing high standards of equine care whilst you are away.
You can be confident in the knowledge that they will be in good hands, giving you peace of mind in your absence. Its not just about the care and services provided, during our visits we also assess the general wellbeing of the animal and if we have any concerns then we will contact vets and/or owners and be on hand to deal with a situation.
Daily visits can be as frequent as is required, maintaining a routine to which they are accustomed, reducing problems such as stress and anxiety which can lead to other problems.
Petpassion can be relied upon even at short notice. 
Visits can be arranged to cater for:
Vet Attendance
Farrier Attendance
Medications and wound care/dressings etc.
Depending on your individual requirements, below are a few examples of services that can be arranged, specific duties and services to be discussed during the initial consultation.
Stabled Horses:
  • mucking out
  • turn out/in
  • Rug changing
  • Picking out feet
  • Feeding/Hay/Water 
Non-stabled Horses:
  • Feeding/Hay/Water
  • picking out feet
  • Rug changing
  • Pooh picking field  
Grooming sessions can be incorporated during our visits.
If you have a service requirement that is not listed above then please contact us to discuss as we are very flexible and will try our utmost to help you.